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Sustainability, Society & Resource Management

An interdisciplinary major, Sustainability, Society and Resource Management prepares students for dynamic careers in resource management, conservation, environmental protection, risk and crisis management, and public relations. The major is a joint initiative between Biology, Communication, and Geography.

Pittsburg State University is the only Regents institution in Kansas with an interdisciplinary degree program in Sustainability, Society and Resource Management. Unlike any program in the state, the program provides hands-on experience through classroom learning, field exercises, and laboratory experiences with the Geographical Information Systems Laboratory and Communication Research Lab.

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Certificate in Sustainability

The Certificate in Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary academic program that provides students an opportunity to choose electives based on their area of study. The certificate is available to all undergraduate students.

Students complete 13 hours of coursework and experiential learning to complete the certificate at their own pace. With planning, students earn most of the certificate requirements while completing the general education courses. 

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Students for Sustainability

Students for Sustainability is a campus organization of students interested in engaging in the sustainable practices at Pittsburg State University and the surrounding community. The organization has implemented paper recycling within most classrooms on campus and Move Out Madness, which collects and resells items left behind after students move out.

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Pittsburg State University Sustainability Council

Meets monthly to develop and monitor the implementation of the institution's sustainability plan. The council is composed of faculty and staff from various departments across campus. The Sustainability Council submits a report to the University Strategic Planning Council on an annual basis (May 1st of each year), focusing sustainability planning activities for the previous year.

Sustainability Council Members